01. 04. 2021
There Is No Architecture Without Disease. Beatriz Colomina Interviewed by Irena Hradecká

In her newest book X-Ray Architecture, architectural historian and theorist Beatriz Colomina analyzes the connection between architecture and disease. She looks at the relationship between tuberculosis and the evolution and growing popularity of modern architecture. She also asks how different pathologies of the beginning of the 20th century, like post-war trauma or the industrialization of cities, affected architecture. Last but not least, she considers the wider societal influence of new technological discoveries in medical diagnosis and practice.

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19. 03. 2021
Reading in Historical Building Techniques. Helfštýn Castle Palace Renovation near Týn nad Bečvou Miroslav Pospíšil / atelier-r

The renovation of the ruins of the Helfštýn castle, perched on a rocky knoll over the town of Týn nad Bečvou near Olomouc, was finally completed last year after years of meticulous archeological examination, masonry and render restoration. But it wasn’t really a renovation in the common sense of the word, nor was it the sort of romantic reimagining and rebuilding once so popular with these types of historical monuments. The majority of changes, including safety pile foundations, bracing of walls, or restoring the existing old renders, will stay invisible to the visitors. The only conspicuous contemporary element is a new glass roof and a polished-concrete and corten-steel visitor route.

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02. 03. 2021
The Architecture of Health. Editorial ERA21 #01/2021 Irena Hradecká

During last year, the connection between architecture and health has been questioned and discussed more often than in the last hundred years. Responding to the pandemic, architects and theorists started sharing their views on how this experience will change cities and room layouts, which design concerns will be brought forward, and which of those concerns will be forgotten. Understandably, open-plan offices (condemned, irrespective of the pandemic) became a hot topic for debate. The key building type in this situation, the hospital, received far less attention.

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13. 01. 2021
Ignoring Beauty is Like Ignoring Truth. Lenka Holcnerová and Marco Maio Interviewed by the Editors

In an interview with a Lisbon based architect of Czech origins and a Prague based architect of Portuguese origins, we reveal a little bit of the beauty and mystery of Portuguese architecture. We remember certain natural and political events and discuss their effects, we visit the schools of Porto and Lisbon and their famous professors, and finally we contemplate architecture’s place in the world and the role of the architect in society today.

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13. 12. 2020
A Rainbow Over Lesná. Church of Blessed Maria Restituta in Brno-Lesná Marek Jan Štěpán / Atelier Štěpán

The new Church of Blessed Maria Restituta is located in the central part of the Brno Lesná housing estate, surrounded by the characteristically tall and predominantly slab shaped apartment buildings. It’s impossible for a church to compete with the size of these houses, so the choice was to make it visually simple, easy to read, elementary in its geometry. This is where it surpasses the surrounding housing blocks, standing out on a different level. The design is based on the urban context governed by straight lines and a firm logic, and shaped by its immediate neighbor, the existing religious center. The floorplan of the church has a shape of a circle, symbolizing Heaven and Eternity. Heaven is reflected back in the colorful horizontal window, making a ring around the top of the building, bringing in rainbow-colored natural light.

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