07. 10. 2019
Blue Landscape. Editorial ERA21 #05/2019 Martin Sucharda

While a small and feisty Swedish schoolgirl sails across the Atlantic to scold the American president, those climate and climate-related issues she’s concerned with are becoming an important topic locally, here in Czechia. A friend of mine, an IT specialist, recently asked me what he, as a passive owner of some agricultural land inherited from his ancestors and returned to him in restitution, could do to fight drought. I was surprised. For me as an expert, the disappearance of water from the landscape has been an issue for a long time. I got used to regular floods, to the permanent degradation of a large portion of Czech fields by erosion. I added drought to this list of challenges I had to get used to in the last couple of years...

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23. 09. 2019
Technology Has Always Been a Driver in Our Change. Liam Young Interviewed by Irena Hradecká

Liam Young calls himself a techno-optimist and a speculative architect. In an interview with Irena Hradecká he reveals what this position means and what kind of influence digital technology, artificial intelligence or social media has on architecture and our environment in general.

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18. 09. 2019
Return of the Icon. Renovation of Tomáš Baťa Memorial in Zlín Petr Všetečka / TRANSAT architekti

The František Lýdie Gahura designed memorial, opened one year after the death of Tomáš Baťa, is considered Zlín’s most valuable constructivist monument and the high point of Bata architecture. Rebuilt as a concert hall with an art gallery in the 1950s, it lost all of its original architectural qualities. Had it remained as such Tomáš Bata’s name would have been erased from memory. But, a rigorous renovation of the original memorial appearance has been in the works for eighteen long years, striving for simplicity and stripping away all expendable equipment. Therefore, all the operational, technological and service features are located outside the building. The purpose of the memorial is to highlight the experiences of space and light, a suspension of time, and tranquility. Given the heritage-protected status of the building, the renovation has put great emphasis on the quality of the construction and restoration work.

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09. 09. 2019
Both Directions Simultaneously Jakub Kopec

There is a critical perspective in architectural design facing forward and backward. The attribute “post-digital” refers to such a reflection in a situation where computational tools have become an integral part of design, realization and use.

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03. 09. 2019
Post-Digital Architecture Jakub Kopec

The term “post-digital” refers to the apparently disordered current situation where most human activity is affected by computerization and digitization. Post-digital is not the antithesis to digital in the way postmodern was to modern, it’s not its renouncement, nor is it a comeback of the analog. It’s an informed (critical), creative continuation of the digital in the hybrid space of collaboration between machine and human, digital and analog, communication and material, global and local, generic and specific, high and low, developed and developing, industrially manufactured and DIY.

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