Who is Karel Kroupa?
Who is Karel Kroupa?

Who is Karel Kroupa?

In ERA21 #05/2018, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Czechoslovakia, we published an interview with the „anniversary old man“, Karel Kroupa. While reading it, hadn’t you wondered... who is this admirable, partiotic man? Where did he come from? How is it possible that you’ve never heard about him?

The explanation is simple. Karel Kroupa doesn’t exist. The interview is a literary work, where the author, Rostislav Koryčánek, deliberately used key events of the past century, events related to history of architecture as well as that of the nation as a whole. We have created Karel Kroupa with the intention that he could, in the fashion of Jára Cimrman or Forrest Gump, become a part of the course of events and thus also a guide through the history of Czechoslovak architecture. He would embody the ideal of the national hero who we could admire for his beliefs. Because – let’s face it – right now there’s no surplus of national heroes.

Dear readers, we sincerely hope you can forgive us for making this little „joke“. Our intentions were good. The anniversary issue of ERA21 was very special to us and we let ourselves be especially creative. And, if you’re wondering who the man in the picture is, stay tuned until the next issue, out at the beginning of December.

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