Profile of ERA21

ERA21 is one of the most distinctive and respected professional Czech architecture magazines today, reflecting current tendencies and issues of the built environment. ERA21 is theme-oriented with issues curated by in-house or guest editors and with an editorial board comprised of practicing architects, architectural theorists from academia, and research scientists. All this allows ERA21 to bring deep insight to the given problematic; it compiles a compact series of documents with permanent value one can repeatedly return to. Apart from informing the readers about current developments in architecture, the magazine also emphasizes the overlap of architecture in other fields and social spheres and their mutual influence.

ERA21 ceaselessly strives to place the professional discussion in global context; the extent of the current international architectural discourse presented to Czech readers and its comparison to domestic solutions is elsewhere unmatched. ERA21 is the only Czech magazine focusing systematically on the architectural scene in the neighboring countries (Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Austria, Germany, and others).

The themed part of the magazine combines multiple article formats in order to analyze issues, research historical background or social context, describe a project’s methodology, but also to offer real solutions – written or shown as case studies of completed projects. Most of the articles are either tailor-made for ERA21 or translated and published in the Czech Republic for the first time. The second part of the magazine presents technical texts and gives information on products currently on the market.


History of ERA21

ERA21 was founded in 2001 with the initial aim to focus on sustainable architecture, alternative energy sources and related topics (thus the original meaning of the acronym title “Ecology – Realized buildings – Architecture for the 21st century”). The first editor-in-chief Helena Šnajdarová was replaced by the architectural historian and theorist Rostislav Koryčánek in 2002, and the magazine became a generally respected medium with a nationwide scope under his guidance. The emphasis on the theme-orientation of individual issues grew stronger when Osamu Okamura, then an unknown architect, became the next editor-in-chief in 2005. This concept continues to characterize the magazine today. With Osamu Okamura, ERA21 became more active in the Central European area and also started to focus more on the search for links across different disciplines. In 2013, Osamu Okamura started his collaboration with reSITE and ERA21 was managed by guest editors Marcela Steinbachová and Filip Landa. Zuzana Morávková joined the editorial staff and was appointed editor-in-chief in January 2015 to continue and develop the strong features of the magazine and to bolster its position on the Czech market. In 2017, Filip Landa was appointed editor-in-chief.


Editorial Staff (chronologically)

Helena Šnajdarová, Rostislav Koryčánek, Tomáš Prokůpek, Zuzana Morávková, Osamu Okamura, Marek Kuchta, Jakub Kopec, Petra Hlaváčková, Hana Lesáková, Filip Landa

ERA21 vydává ERA Média, s. r. o.
Chleborádova 69/22, 619 00 Brno

Phone: +420 530 500 801
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