13. 05. 2019
Of One Blood Rozhovor Zuzany Morávkové a Ireny Lehkoživové s Alenou Šrámkovou, Magdalenou Hlaváčkovou a Magdalenou Hlaváčkovou ml.

When we first asked the “first lady” of Czech architecture for a “family” interview about architecture we were decidedly rejected. Apparently they didn’t talk about architecture at home. But after a few long phone calls and careful explanations, one Saturday evening we finally met - professor Alena Šrámková, her daughter Magdalena Hlaváčková and granddaughter Magdalena Hlaváčková jr. – in their house in Jenštejn, and we talked about passing on the architectural profession from generation to generation.

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06. 05. 2019
Three-Generation Tetralogue. Michal Kohout, Roman Brychta, Ondřej Chybík and Markéta Mráčková in a Debate with Filip Landa

For a joint debate we invited the representatives of the three generations established in the three decades after 1990. The oldest generation was represented by Michal Kohout who finished his architectural studies before 1989, but founded his studio in the 1990s. The middle generation was represented by Roman Brychta who established his office, Projektil, after 2000. The youngest generation, launching their careers after 2010, was represented by Markéta Mráčková and Ondřej Chybík who personify two different approaches to architecture, a result of the possibilities the profession offers today.

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18. 04. 2019
Intergenerational Dialogue. Editorial ERA21 #02/2019 Zuzana Morávková

Three years ago, when we published ERA21 #02/2016 – Building in a City, I started my editorial by quoting Ivan Koleček saying that when he comes to a city and sees cranes, it’s a sign that there’s a demand for architects. I will use his words again, if I may. Ivan Koleček had taught at Brno Faculty of Architecture for many years and he still organizes workshops for his former students. He always says that working with young people fills him with energy, but the exchange is mutual, of course.

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01. 04. 2019
The Shattered Mosaic of Today’s Sudetenland Miroslav Pavel

The Sudetenland, covering one third of the area of the Czech Republic, is still invisible for many. The setting for many fundamental moments of our history, and yet it’s forgotten in a way. Sudetenland is often understood as just a border territory along the northern borders, but in fact it lines almost the entire country and even stretches further inland. During the 1950s, the last remnants of the original settlements were irretrievably destroyed. What remains now? What places can still tell us something about our past?

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04. 03. 2019
Casting the Tracks of our Ancestors. Petr Mikšíček Interviewed by Filip Landa

In 2000, Petr Mikšíček set out on a three-month, 1,000 kilometer trek through the border mountains of the Czech Republic. This was also the start of his life’s journey, in which he’s trying to preserve the disappearing memory of the Krušné hory region. He organizes land-art gatherings in the former village of Königsmühle, documents and revives monuments using new technology, and makes movies based on legends and stories of the region. In the interview, we discussed the re-discovered borderlands, the culture of Krušné hory, contemporary Czech‑German relations, growing tourism, as well as transformations to the landscape of the Sudetenland.

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