08. 07. 2020
How Are We Doing? First Results of the Working Conditions of Young Architects Survey Terezie Lokšová, Eliška Pomyjová

Every architect knows the specifics of the job. There was no data, however, to confirm the collective experience of the current working conditions in the Czech Republic. We now present the most significant results of an extensive survey conducted among university educated architects, between the ages of 22 and 35, based in the CR. The fact that we received 1221 valid responses proves how timely the subject matter was.

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12. 06. 2020
Revelation. Farm Machinery Workshops in Opatov Veronika Indrová, Jiří Weinzettl / Atelier 111 architekti

The main purpose of the workshops newbuild is the servicing and maintenance of large farm machinery and equipment. It is located on a farm with a biogas plant in the village of Opatov near Svitavy. Shapes and features of traditional farm buildings, like gabled roofs and a distinctive ridge skylight, inspired the simple and partly translucent form. Even though referencing local traditions, the newbuild is not like anything built for similar purposes. Offices and facilities for farm staff are also housed inside.

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10. 06. 2020
Villas and Other Delusions Łukasz Wojciechowski

Twelve years ago, an article about Polish architecture that I had written with Roman Rutkowski was first published in ERA21. I was an optimist then; an emerging and committed architect. Today, having built several projects, I am slowly abandoning the profession and I prefer writing sad books set in modernist times when architects used to really take the fate of the world in their hands. I regard the contemporary architectural scene around our small Polish pond with disgust and embarrassment. One reason for that is my dissatisfaction with the buildings being put up here, but another reason is the media, social media in particular, where architects are losing the last of their dignity.

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04. 06. 2020
Architecture Open. Editorial ERA21 #03/2020 Alžběta Brůhová, Adéla Pečlová

“Well, Adél, how do we start?”
“I think that this issue is kind of unique.”
“In what way?”
“We have stripped architecture naked. And ourselves, too.”
“What’s it feel like to be naked for you?”
“It’s OK now, but it wasn't so great to begin with. What will people say? Is it too much? Or too little? Should I start dancing as well, so that people like it?”
“I think we haven’t danced enough…”

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25. 05. 2020
Logistics Stories Kateřina Frejlachová, Martin Špičák

Warehouses along the highway have their own stories. Three case studies from three parts of the Czech Republic represent the embodiment of the global logistics system in the local context of our everyday landscape. The goal is not to mediate a complete, clear or fully objective picture, but rather to record and tell the stories of real experiences, from the point of view of the people living in the affected areas who must confront the new development. The first story, Nová Hospoda, is a history tour of the optimistic beginnings of logistics planning in the CR. The second story, Krásný Les, is an example of how massive warehouse constructions won’t stop, even for naturally or culturally valuable localities. The third chapter, Koridor D8, describes how civic resistance against warehouses gradually changed into constructive coordination and conceptual planning in a broader sense. The stories are followed by an interview with the Deputy Mayor of Odolena Voda, architect Tomáš Lohniský, discussing the question of storage and territorial planning.

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