16. 12. 2018
Chicago: the Capital of Architecture

Letošní léto strávil Osamu Okamura v Chicagu, kde jako stipendista Fulbright-Masarykova programu na vlastní kůži zakoušel fungování Chicagské architektonické nadace, jedné z největších a nejúspěšnějších architektonických kulturních institucí na světě. Jaké jsou jeho postřehy?

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12. 12. 2018
Behind the Veil. Kindergarten Nová Ruda in Vratislavice nad Nisou Petr Stolín, Alena Mičeková / CUBE LOVE

An unusual kindergarten inspired by the works of Japanese architect Takaharu Tezuka’s was built on a north‑facing, gently sloping site on the outskirts of Liberec. The limits of the site and other constraints led to the proposal of a spatial experiment that teaches children to see architecture in all of its different forms. The kindergarten is composed of two narrow wings, each with a classroom for 25 children, connected by a one-story volume containing a dining-hall, offices, locker rooms, and facilities. The three volumes define the sheltered interior courtyard space, which then continues upwards to the terrace on the roof of the dining-hall and further to the outer galleries. On the inside, with rooms of different heights combining and blending together, the building becomes a big maze enabling free movement and play. All of this is enclosed in an outer semi‑translucent fiberglass shell, adding to the intriguing transparency concept as well as the feeling of security in one’s own little world.

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10. 12. 2018
Estonia: Nordic? Neoliberal? Editorial ERA21 #06/2018 Maroš Krivý

In Central Europe, Tallinn is known primarily as the city of free public transport, and Estonia for its e-Residency program and digital citizenship. This issue introduces a broader picture. Estonian architecture is situated on an imaginary intersection between Nordic design, emphasizing simplicity and the significance of natural context, and post-Soviet transition from often unjustly stigmatized collective housing, to the neoliberal city coopted by the real estate market.

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12. 11. 2018
Architects Are Trained to Connect People. Matúš Vallo Interviewed by Peter Lényi

Architect Matúš Vallo is well-known for his own studio but also because he initiated several projects dealing with public urban space; the most prominent being Urban Interventions. Two and a half years ago he assembled a team of professionals from various fields concerned with city management. Together the team wrote the book, Plan Bratislava. The analyses and proposals included in this book were used as a basis for Matúš Vallo’s current campaign to become the mayor of Bratislava.

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28. 10. 2018
I’m an Anniversary Old Man. Karel Kroupa Interviewed by Rostislav Koryčánek

In mid-june, the editorial office was contacted by architect Karel Kroupa. Born in 1918 in Broumov, he decided to celebrate his jubilee by recording his life’s story marked by the dramatic events of the 20th century. In the interview with Rostislav Koryčánek, he reveals his touching patriotism, describes his uneasy path to and love for architecture, as well as his professional career full of unexpected twists and unforgettable encounters.

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