Scroll. St. Wenceslas Church in Sazovice

Marek Štěpán / Atelier Štěpán /

The idea to build a church in Sazovice was conceived before WWII but it was only six years ago when the inhabitants of Sazovice returned to this idea and founded the Society for Church Construction. The church is situated in the natural center of the village and its geometry is based on a circular ground plan with a 16.8 meters radius that comes from the archetype of St. Wenceslas Chapel in St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague. The circle can be also perceived as a period, a place to stop, rest, and contemplate. The architectonic concept works with the tube‑shaped skin and forms it as if it were paper. Each wall is slit by a window that brings daylight inside the church and softly shapes its interior space. The church has three floors – the main circular nave and two choir lofts – and the basement with social facilities.

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