Postcolonial Architecture: Ukraine

Valentyna Zotova


It's not a secret that Ukraine is in a deep and constant political, social, and economical crisis. As architecture is a reflection of a society—Ukrainian architecture shows all the concerns and troubles of Ukrainian society, which we desperately try not to notice. A low level of education, corruption and lack of sustainable development in the minds is effecting the looks of the cities. But...

The Maidan events in the revolution “gave birth” to Ukrainian dignity, an understanding that our life is in our hands. A mentality that was formed by decades of Soviet repression, and dominated by Russian propaganda is changing, society is changing. New interesting initiatives, young ambitious professionals and activists are appearing all over Ukraine. Demand for comfortable, sustainable living and existence in Ukrainian cities is rising. We are at the starting point of massive changes in all the social “layers.” New quality professionals are in demand on the market.

There is still a long way to go. And the old political system's roots are too strong. Crises are problems but also times of possibilities. And now it's our responsibility not to blow the chance for a better future and better architecture for the next generations.

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