14. 09. 2018
The Day of Architecture with ERA21

ERA21 regularly organizes guided walks related to one selected theme of ERA21 of the past year. This year we will focus on the Art of Public Space (see ERA21 #03/2018) and we prepared one walk in Brno and two events in České Budějovice.


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13. 09. 2018
Excursion to the Drn building with Stanislav Fiala

On Tuesday, September 4th, we visited the multifunctional building of the Drn in Prague at Národní třída. The excursion was also attended by author of the building Stanislav Fiala, historian and curator Katerina Beckova and architect Yvette Vašourková, who will review the building in the forthcoming issue of ERA21, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Czechoslovak architecture.

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30. 07. 2018
Beskydy Roadtrip

On Wednesday, 25th June, we went on a roadtrip to Pustevny, Beskydy, where architect Kamil Mrva has shown us the recently finished upper station of the cableway, that will be published in the upcoming issue of ERA21. On the way back we have visited other interesting buildings in Beskydy and its surroundings.

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31. 05. 2018
ERA21 #03/2018 The Art of Public Space

The new issue of ERA21 #03/2018 Housing Policy is about to be published. It has been prepared in collaboration with the curators Petra Vlachynská and Veronika Kastlová and we have focused on how the art in the public space is supported both in our country and abroad and what forms can it take in relation to architecture. 

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12. 04. 2018
The new issue of ERA21 #02/2018 Housing Policy

The new issue of ERA21 #02/2018 focused on Housing Policy is about to be published. It has been prepared in collaboration with the historian of architecture Vendula Hnídková.

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