18. 04. 2017
Free Form. House in the Orchard, Prague-Kyje Jan Šépka / Šépka architekti /

This unusual family house was built on a sloping site oriented to the north on the outskirts of Prague – in Kyje – overlooking the River Rokytka valley. The house reacts to the surrounding full-grown trees with its shape, character, and volume. The ground plan of the house is based on a circle that transforms into two squares on the southern side; the continuous three‑story space gets narrower towards the top of the house and ends with a skylight. The living room on the ground floor with a gallery oriented to the north thus receives sunlight from the south. The ground floor also houses a bedroom, kitchen and bathroom; another bedroom is available on the first floor, the gallery serves as a study room. The house is designed as a wooden structure with a reinforced concrete foundation that is limited to a stem in the steep slope. The wooden structure is acknowledged in the interior; the exterior is insulated with a polyurethane protective spray.

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22. 02. 2017
A Piece of a Mosaic. Gym and Community Center in Líbeznice u Prahy Jakub Havlas, Jan Hájek, Pavel Joba / Atelier M1 architekti /; Barbora Zachovalová

A new multifunctional hall was opened in Líbeznice u Prahy in November, designed to serve for gym classes as well as leisure clubs, cultural and social events. The two-story building makes use of the difference in heights of the adjacent street and football field. This enables it to be sensitively incorporated in the surrounding development of mostly family houses, and allows for barrier-free access to both floors. The building has an oval ground plan and it is divided into three parts: the overtop sports hall in the middle and two lateral apsis, which provide space for additional functions. The main volume of the building is a wooden structure with a curtain façade system made of squared timber; the adjacent facility building is made of brick.

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22. 02. 2017
Forms of Criticism. Editorial #01/2017 Ondřej Hojda

Talking about architectural criticism in the Czech Republic, there is usually a general consensus that it is insufficient. However, there are various views of what the actual use of critique is and what critics should do. Therefore, it’s time we looked around to see how things are developing today, and turned our attention abroad. Although we know that criticism is inconceivable without history and theory, as this issue’s curator I would like to present its less academic form, too – one that enters discussions about our environment, that is able to address and inspire practicing architects, students, and the public.

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22. 02. 2017
Psaní o architektuře Filip Landa

Na posledním Otevřeném think tanku architektů (OTTA), organizovaném Českou komorou architektů na téma Architektura a společenské vědy, mimo jiné zaznělo, že jedním z problémů dnešních architektů je nedostatečná znalost teorie a související literatury. Mnohdy jim prý chybí širší společenský základ a schopnost správně užívat jazyk, což nelze neustále omlouvat výlučností architektonické profese.

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01. 01. 2017
ERA21 has the new editor in chief

Od ledna 2017 střídá Zuzanu Morávkovou na pozici šéfredaktora časopisu ERA21 architekt a dlouholetý spolupracovník redakce Filip Landa. 

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